Based in Yaizu, Shizuoka, Fujieda, Shimada, and Kakegawa, we operate all six small-scale licensed childcare business type A.
Each and every one of our staff treats their children with a warm feeling so that they can support child-rearing and develop the potential of important children.

'A new friend has joined us.!!」

From January
A new friend♪♪

I put out my shoes from myself.
I am full of the spirit to play in the room♪♪

"○○-chan ♪♪"
When the name is called ...
A little kyoton.

The figure that the friend is playing
I was staring at gee.

Well well...
Cute pose♪♪

"Oh, you're the same as a man, eh, ~?
I'm a little nervous. . .

First morning snack☆
Do your apron.
Hands together.
"Great ♪♪"

From now on
Little by little, get used to nursery school
Let's play a lot.!!

"Chorakuji Park"I went to play.

In a large park
I run around.
Kicking and throwing the ball,
Everyone seems to be having fun playing freely♪♪

"I'm ♪♪ this ball."
A 0-year-old child with a smile.

I seem to have found something!

Don't drop your favorite ball...
I am also interested in the leaves of plants.

"I'm so big, I've found it!"
"Which one ... I...。 ”

To the place where there is a step of about 20cm ...
Take the plunge, on your own"Yoisho"Th!

“I put this in place!"
I want my friends to see it... ☆

"○○-kun is also good!"
As if we were having such a conversation...
We had fun together♪♪

And then...
Seems to have come up with something...

The stone I picked up.
Gently on the trunk of the tree...

Just as I say,Crackling ... ♪♪

Something small
The pretty back that I achieved.
"Ukiuki"It's 10♪♪

"Here' s good, too.!!”
It's a good place to discover♪♪

"Well, what do I do..."
Seems to be thinking about something ...

"After all, over here.!!”
"I'm in the 1994s!!”

"I'm so, too.!!”
Satisfaction ☆ Satisfaction ☆

The roots of stones and trees,
A dekoboko place with fallen leaves ...
It is a challenge to such a place☆

A 0-year-old child who has attached his buttocks.

I'm sure I'm like that
My friend who ran up close.

To my friend who cried,
"Good luck!! come on!!”
He encouraged me for a long time and watched over me.

Even though I cried...
Stand up on your own
My foot's headed over here.!!

"Butt ... I wanted to be..."

"I was surprised that I was too rich..."

We're looking at each other
You were expressing your feelings to the fullest.


It's the beginning of a new exploration♪♪